Venezuela, Dispersed

A hybrid conference, online and at the University of Exeter: Wednesday 11 May 2022

Supported by the IMLR Regional Conference Fund

With around 6 million displaced people, the Venezuelan emergency is one of the most significant migratory crises in the contemporary world, making it an urgent and worthy topic of study and debate. Whilst Venezuelans have been emigrating steadily over the last two decades, the relatively recent surge from 2015 onwards has presented a fast-changing landscape that necessitates an interdisciplinary lens to better understand and address the ongoing emergency. Never have the influence of global events on the migration emergency been more salient than in the pandemic context, where refugees and displaced people have found themselves disproportionately affected by border closures and the withdrawal of humanitarian aid. However, not all Venezuelans have been equally impacted upon by the political and economic upheavals of recent years, and the migratory destinations of choice and/or necessity deeply influence the experiences and needs of the wider diaspora, amongst other varying factors. In order to understand the spectrum of experience it is important to capture these disparate narratives from across academic disciplines, art & culture, and the third sector. 

The conference will include a keynote from Cinzia de Santis, CEO & Founder, Healing Venezuela  and a closing event with a reading of poetry by Raquel Rivas Rojas.

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