Colaboratorio Ávila

Colaboratorio Ávila is a translation collective formed by Katie Brown, Claudia Cavallín, María Gracia Pardo, and Raquel Rivas Rojas. Their objective is to let the Venezuelan accent and the Latin American viewpoint into every text, to build without betrayal, to accept sudden revelations, and to celebrate the results with laughter that crosses oceans.

Our current work-in-progress includes a collection of short stories by Krina Ber.

Translations for Latin American Literature Today

Three Poems by Zakarías Zafra

Three Poems by Margara Russotto

The Universal Language: Freedom and Melancholy by Margara Russotto

Of Knives and Forks by Krina Ber

Colorado. Translations/Traducciones by Mary Crow, Camille Dungy, Sasha Steensen, and Dan Beachy-Quick (review)

Poor Connection Festival

For the Poor Connection Festival, produced by Out of the Wings and the Institute of Modern Languages Research, we translated the plays Privacy Settings (¿Qué ordenador? ¿El bahiut?) by Analía Malvido and Live (Vivo) by Grupo E.L.D.A. The plays were performed on Zoom in September 2020.

Poor Connection: Online rehearsed readings of new plays from Argentina

Other translations

Couleur Additive: A propósito de un mural de Carlos Cruz-Diez by Juliana Giusti Cavallin (translated from English)