Photo of Maria Pardo

María Gracia Pardo

María Gracia Pardo has taught courses on Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American literature and culture. She has a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in Communications (Universidad Cátolica Andrés Bello) and a Master’s degree in Latin American Literature (Universidad Simón Bolívar) in Venezuela. After obtaining her PhD from the University of Miami with a study devoted to children’s literature and Childhood Studies, she received the Barrett Award for Best Dissertation on Latin America (2014). She has published articles and presented papers on the tropes used to represent childhood in film, literature and political thought. 

Returning to her background in media studies, she is currently researching the paradox of nonfiction or the ways in which misinformation and mistrust can spread precisely through the media and genres purported to be factful. This interest led to a project on the relationship between illiberal discourses, democratic backsliding and erosion of the archive. 

She is one of the four founding members of Colaboratorio Ávila, a transatlantic translation workshop that aims to disseminate Venezuelan voices and idiomatic expressions. Some of their translations have appeared in Latin American Literature Today.

Twitter: @ChachiPardo